Bühler India – Assessing Growth Opportunities Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case centers on the predicament confronted by Dipak Mane, the President, South Asia of Buhler as he pursues opportunities for sustainable growth in India's rapidly growing but competitive food processing sector. Buhler's corporate objectives, innovative technologies, exceptional quality, placing as a premium global brand, competition and value chain requirements, determined its product - market strategies in India. Buhler was traditionally centered on the top level market in several geographies that it functioned around the world.

The dilemma of Dipak revolved around growing the business in India by consolidating in the mid-level marketplace or targeting a fresh section, specifically the entry-level segment. The key issues relate to - should Buhler target the entry-level section? If so, what adaptations will be necessary to target customers in the entry level segment? What will be the possible cannibalization in the mid-level segment where Buhler loved reputation and a sizeable presence? What should be the distinction strategy in the entry level segment?


This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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Bühler India – Assessing Growth Opportunities

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