Bright Star Care The Evolution of a Leadership Team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bright Star Care The Evolution of a Leadership Team Case Study Solution


The case illustrates the business strategy of the Bright Star care center, founded by Shelly Sun along with her husband. The basic idea of the business is to offer high-quality standardized medical services to the patients.In doing so, Shelly along with her husband reached out to hospitals and clinics for the customer recommendation. Over the period of time, the company continued to grow and improve its human resource skills and capabilities.It has successfully opened up 300 franchises across US in 2016, with the generation of $300 million in revenue. it evolved it self into a growing business, much different from where it started.

In 2004, Shelly Sun, the Ceo of the company decided to franchise her business, she believed that the franchising model will best fit her business strategy, and will allow it to expand aggressively in market and will enable the business to reach the expanded markets easily. In addition, she believed that such model posits low risk and high returns since the patent company does not have to invest uniformly for the survival of the business franchise.

However, with the start of selling of the franchise business, shelly started to focus on building an integrated technology system within the organization that consolidates the needs and functions of all her franchises through one system. Also, she focused on building the strong brand image of the company in the market by developing the value proposition on high quality services at un compromised level. However, the case also details the need for a string management team, since Shelly always played her role as a visionary more effectively than as an integrator. The company faced the challenge of developing an effective management team that may coincide with the business strategy and vision of the company.In doing so, she revamped the board of director’s structure and considered to eliminate the wrong fits from the organization, to implement the changes in the structure coherently and effectively.

Keywords:  Senior management, business growth strategy, leadership


Growth plan

In order to develop and sustain the business and incorporate the growth of the market and opportunity into the functions and operations, the company needs to pursue the following growth strategy, which will allow it to maintain its value proposition in the market,along with the ability to sustain the business in long run. In addition, with such strategy it will allow the company to handle the market surge father health care services, leading to high profits and low cost.

1-      Develop the value proposition

While pursuing the growth strategy and tapping the market growth to monetize into the organization, Bright Star care should develop a strong market position and value proposition in the market. Since the company offers an unmatched quality of services with high standard of quality assurance, it can use the strength to develop by storing value proposition in the market. Which will ultimately allow it to develop a distinct market position. To develop the value proposition in the market, the company should adopt the differentiation strategy. This on one hand will allow the company to develop strong brand image in the market while on other hand it will help in developing separate market position based on high quality services. This may attract a new market segment towards the company, which they are seeking to relieve premium-nesting services in the market.

2-      Identification of Ideal Customers

Since the market of the company has expanded and over 300 business franchises has been opened in the United States, the company should focus on a particular market segment to serve through all 300 centers. This will allow the company to incorporate the strategies and tactics effectively into the process that is required to serve the particular market.Also having so many segments at the growth phase may deteriorate or compromise the strategic implementation more effectively due to distracted efforts in different markets. In addition, defining the target market will allow the company to plunge deeply into the segments through aggressive market penetration strategy, also enabling the Bright Star care to understand the customer insights more accurately. Leading to the development of integrated technology and functions within the organization to tap the market opportunities.Also such strategy will enhance the market positioning of the company that would lead to extended word of mouth.

3-      Define the Key indicators

Since measuring the business performance is the key to success of the business, Bright Star care should measure the performance of its key indicators in the growth phase. This includes the performance and profitability of each franchise in the market. Analyzing the key indicators will allow the company to understand what it is gaining out of the particular investment,hence making the company alert of the loopholes and bottlenecks, which if not resolved on time may lead to big losses and ineffective channeling of resources at the wrong place. Under the analysis of the key indicators, the most important key indicators are the profitability and sales indicators, which allows the company to understand its strategy in particular region. Since the company operates in more than 3000 centers, these key indicators will allow the company to identify the high performing and low performing Centers hence leading to the channeling and management of the key resources effectively.

Bright Star Care The Evolution of a Leadership Team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



4-      Analysis of the Value Stream

Since growth is an intense phase for the Bright Star care, it is important to benchmark and monitor the performance of the revenue stream. In doing so, the company should analyze the business model in terms of the revenues general along with its sustainability in the long run. Since Bright Star care is targeting the premium target market, and the market opportunity is on peak, the company should monitor the performance of its different SBUs in the market to develop a lean strategy tap into the market opportunity, avoiding investing in low return business areas........................

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