Fashion in Digital age Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Customer Profile and Target Segment

Our business plan will caterthe customers from the age group between 15-55 years.Theage group is selected on the basis of attractiveness of these population towards dressing and buying clothes.Also, the people with income level of $25 - $50000 will be targeted with the application.These customer have high disposable income with busy life schedules which will make the service attractive tothem. The company under the customer profiling will also target the customer who are tech savvy and are working men and women withsingle, married, single parent marital status.This strategy depicts, that our company will be targeting all types of socialclasses, except lower class, since they have no extra disposable income to spend on clothing.

In addition to this, the company will also target the customer’smen and women who have interesttowards fashion andtrendy clothing. It will include people who are working or studying in highschools. Lastly, those customers will be targeted from the application, who have busy lifestyle and find it difficult to select or manage the wardrobe easily with theirroutine. In the particular segment, major proposition of consideration will be given to single parents who have a lot of things to manage with work.

Target Segment

The company will target consumers with different fashion needs and those who are majorly belongs to the millennial. Since the millennial are conventional digital enthusiast, and the business plan is sourly dependent on technology and digital platform, the company will target the men and women from all classes who are tech savvy and urges to depict better personalitythrough proper manageddressing.Also, considerable focus will be given to the men, who are single and requires the suggestion or help of external body to suggest them the clothing combination. Moreover, the college girlsandhigh school boys andgirls will be targeted to manage their wardrobe and make a statement in the annual prom parties.

Customer Phycology and buying Decisionmaking process

Since with the passingtime, the technology has paved its way into the daily routine of the customer and offered the ease and convenience. This shift have been seen in the market, which outlines the use of digital mediums and channels to tap the customer, leading to customer engagement and involvement with the brand.Also, due to the raisingcompetition in the market and the change in the lifestyleof the customer which has become busier, many e-commerce platforms have emerged to cater the needs of the particular social class.

Our brand will be serving the customer who have busy lifestyle and prefers to utilize the digital channel like social media, mobile marketingand e-commerce’s to do shopping.Overthe period of time, the number of internet users have crossed 135 billion in 2016, which ishuge and depicts the adaptation of internet which could be capitalized to promote the brand through the digital medium.Our application will capitalize the internet platform so to align itself with the hanging customer behavior and market dynamics.

Buying Decision

The customerbuyingjourney and buying decision is mainlydependent on the moments.These moments depicts or frames the customer buying journey.....................

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