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As the aggressive actions of the progress in the development of online business, which threatens its core product? With Internet competitors take direct aim at the traditional newspaper business model print, Boston Globe fought back with their own initiative Globe and managers face decisions about whether and how to cross-sell print and online advertising ads, how to roll out online auctions, I integrate print and online edition, as well as the pros and cons of issuing tracking stock for the Internet business of the New York, the company (the parent company of the Earth). On a broader level, it raises the question: the old media companies doomed, as the new economy dawns? He uses the term "hawk" versus "dove" to describe companies that are included in the online arena, creating a completely separate online division compared with the close coordination of their online and "offline" activities. Case asks: Can employees trained in the traditional business to the next shift, the digital way of thinking? Does legacy advantages or disadvantages with regard to the need to the Internet? Finally, what is the value to customer relationships in an environment of advanced technology? "Hide
by Thomas R. Eisenmann, John K. Rust Source: Harvard Business School 38 pages. Publication Date: February 23, 2000. Prod. #: 800165-PDF-ENG Case Solution Other Similar Case Solutions like

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