Blue Mountain Resorts Ltd.: The Night Skiing Decision Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Alternative#1: Customer Flow

Improvement in customer flow is one option available for the vice-president as the location of the resort is unfamiliar to new guests and difficulty in searching and providing a better service in order to let the customers enjoy every service, BMR is offering to create a better image, it is important to focus on improving the flow of the customers.

Alternative#2: The speed of service

The vice-president also has the option of focusing on improving the speed of service. This issue was mainly due to extra cues and long lines and lack of capacity to manage the exceeding demand. The company can focus on this and by hiring new staff members can deliver improved and quicker service to its guests.

Alternative#3: Information system

The information system is outdated and creates the issue of long lines and waiting for the customers as the systems are not linked. The person on one system is not able to transfer data to another that creates a havoc. Upgrading the flow of information will improve the quality of the service. It is also an option for the vice-president to think upon.


From the suggested options, the best possible option for a short run is to focus on improving customer flow. This decision as an immediate decision that makes lots of sense as less time, and no cost will be required to improve the flow of customers. Making customer aware of the services offered by BMR and to make the reach easy accessible for the new customers it is important to improve the flow of customers. However, with the passage of time improvement in speed of services and information system improvement will be required, but these options require investment and more recruiting and training.

Implementation plan

The plan of implementation first focus on developing centers in the resort premises to cater the guests and provide them brochures and maps about the location of BMR and the route as well as a guide. Next hire additional temporary staff to facilitate the exceeded demand and also hire a proper staff for welcoming the guest and ensuring that the guest are at comfort. The staff hired should be trained as they will directly interact with the customers and play a vital role in developing the image of BMR in the eyes of the customer. Lastly, hire a staff that is properly trained and serve as an information center for the customers. These centers are not like call-centers and interact directly with the customers and guide them about their trip and listen to their queries.................................

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