BlazeClan Technologies: Cloud Computing Adoption in India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Within a couple of years of its institution in 2010 by four young engineers in Pune, India, BlazeClan Technologies had prospered by providing true value to its customers in India and all over the world, as a cloud alternatives delivery company. By 2014, however, the business was facing a slow and long sales cycle in the Indian market where businesses were hesitant to give in-house data management up to the cloud. Though the firm invested lots of advertising dollars in educating this possible section through events, webinars, social networking efforts and discussions at significant business forums, the customer base was not building and market penetration wasn't was not up to expectations.

The momentum that was needed to push cloud adoption to the next level was also influenced by outside factors, such as the access to the Internet, regular service outages leading to network disruptions, resistance to change and licensing issues that were cloudy. The organization worked hard to reduce these fears, but it had several decisions to make to go.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 30, 2015 PRODUCT #: W14671-PDF-ENG

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BlazeClan Technologies: Cloud Computing Adoption in India

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