BLACK CAUCUS GROUP AT XEROX CROP (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Chris Knox shows an unethical sales practice and deceptive towards Mr. and Mrs. Landry and customers. In sales, it is important to build the strong relationship with the customers but Chris Knox treated Landry just to get the sales rather than to build the relationship. Knox should not interfere in the personal lives and pretended that he had an interest in the prized bull. This behavior is not acceptable in any organization because customers are the main assets of the organization. Therefore, ethical behavior and building customer relationship is very important to satisfy the customers.

Knox needed to develop an ethical behavior and reprimanded his actions with the company; this will lead the company to increase its revenue. The company should develop a strategy to introduce ethical sales practices, and any deceptive of the customer is considered as unethical. Moreover, Knox should fire Jeremy from special fleet services because he sends the memo that completely destroys the company. Lastly, the company should develop the mission and vision based on the ethical practices.

Good ethical policies describe the appropriate and inappropriate behaviors of the employees in the company. Moreover, the company should initiate a training and development session for the employees regarding ethical policies and procedures.


As a good leader direction should be provided to the national black caucus meeting in Toronto. Moreover, a good leader should handle the territory issues and racial discrimination with the black employees, in order to empower and encourage them. Furthermore, balance the interest of the company and also handle the grievances of black employees. The change in the sales territory management is highly important to empower and promote the black employees. The promotion to the employees helps to increase the motivational level and help them to work effectively and efficiently.


Moreover, the company should cancel the debt of black sales representatives and develop an HR plan to recruit the qualified black employees and increase in some employees. Furthermore, the establishment of the advisory committee is also important to guide the black employees and develop the Management resource plan to tackle the promotion issues. The proper and effective human resource department is required to tackle all the recruitment and selection activities.

A good leader involves all employees in a group and team to work effectively and generate more profits for the company. Moreover, teamwork and employee involvement help to improve the quality and productivity of the company. It is the responsibility of the leader to overcome the issues and conflicts among the employees and provide them job security that is viable for the firm. Lastly, the leader should increase level of commitment to the employees to increase the revenue of the company................

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