Big Data Analytics and the Path From Insights to Value Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In order to understand the challenges and opportunities associated with the use of business intelligence, MIT Sloan Management Review, in cooperation with the IBM Institute for Business Value, conducted a survey of more than 3,000 business executives, managers and analysts from organizations located throughout the world. The study was part of the 2010 New Intelligent Enterprise Global Study of executive power and the research project, which is trying to better understand how organizations are trying to capitalize on the information and analysis used today and in the future. One of the most important findings is that there is a clear link between performance and competitive value of analytics. Respondents who agreed that the use of business intelligence and analytics to differentiate them twice as likely to be top performers. Three stages, or levels of capacity, making analysts came from the study: aspirational, experienced and transformed. The article provides a detailed description of each of them, allowing organizations to determine where they fall in the continuum. The authors also include suggestions for the best entry points and methods for each level, as well as measures to avoid the most common mistakes. Based on the findings from the research, case studies and interviews with experts, the authors also describe a new five-point methodology for successfully implementing analytics driven management and rapid creation of value as leading companies already can do. They include (1) focused on large and high-priority data, (2) in each of these priorities, start asking questions, despite the evidence, (3) Code for a look at the business processes to make them more understandable and action, (4) maintain the existing features and tools, while adding new and (5) develop a comprehensive agenda of information that allows decision-making and strategies for the future. "Hide
by Steve Laval, Eric Lesser, Rebecca Shockley, Michael S. Hopkins, Nina Kruschwitz Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 14 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2011. Prod. #: SMR372-PDF-ENG

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Big Data Analytics and the Path From Insights to Value

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