Virginia Mason Medical Center Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2000, Dr. Gary Kaplan became CEO of Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. The hospital is facing serious challenges: it lost money for the first time in its history, morale plummeted, and area hospitals are hot competition. Significant changes were inevitable. In the first few months, Kaplan rallied around the organization's new strategic direction: to become the leader in health care quality. What Kaplan and his administrators lacked an effective tool to accomplish its strategy. Soon after, a number of happy events have led to the discovery of the production of Toyota, and Virginia Mason Medical Center has become entrenched in an overwhelming task. How to initiate production of the public health "Hide
by Richard Bohmer, Eric M. Ferlins Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 28 pages. Publication Date: 03 Oct 2005. Prod. #: 606044-PDF-ENG

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