Beyond Business Instinct Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

While it is widely assumed that entrepreneurs need business skills as industry analysis, negotiation skills and resource management, and other skills, such as interpersonal skills and self-governance is too often overlooked. However, these competencies play a vital role in business - in fact, they are essential for the mobilization of other features and put them to work in a variety of contexts in which business takes place. The authors debunk the notion of the entrepreneur as a born genius with unique gifts. Instead, they offer an appropriate framework for the classification of entrepreneurial competencies, which they say can be learned and developed with the help of special methods and habits. "Hide
by Julia Prats Moreno, Remei Agulles Source: IESE-Insight Magazine 8 pages. Publication Date: June 15, 2009. Prod. #: IIR005-PDF-ENG

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Beyond Business Instinct

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