Industrial Unrest at Tesco Cranes Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tesco Cranes Engineers Pvt. Ltd. closed company’s sub-assembly plant in December 2012 after a strike by workers. However, the company did not succeed to stop employees from joining a regional trade union in July 2012 and ultimately many of the workers, soon after joining the union, slowed down the production and went to strike that decline the production and led to the closure of the plant by the owner.

The owner was considering the impact of various issues, on one side, he was considering whether to use a proactive approach to avoid this threat in the future in other two plants of the company, while on the other hand the owner was thinking whether it was an ethical decision to close the sub-assembly plant because he was aware of the consequences of the decision he made that many of the employees had become unemployed and most of them returning to their villages.

Debi S. Saini and Harshita Singh are affiliated with Management Development Institute, Gurgaon.

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Industrial Unrest at Tesco Cranes

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