Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The main broad overview BAVC, nonprofit media services organization with a strong reputation and a solid market position of the regional market of media technology training (professionals and amateurs) and the development of human resources (for low-income groups), and national non-profit (not-for- profit) market creative media services. The recent history of the organization is a business commitment, strong leadership, and dynamic culture of various districts, which led to a huge increase. In many ways, BAVC behaved like a high-tech business, using advanced technology to provide innovative services to the market and is constantly innovating in order to stay at the forefront of high-end market. As a non-profit in this sector, BAVC faces unique challenges and opportunities compared to the traditional non-profit organizations and businesses, making comparisons with media companies (Disney) or other non-profit organizations, interesting. BAVC has grown steadily over the years, but the problems with the continuing growth have been substantial. In April 2001, Sally Fifer, executive director, and Chris Palmer, Deputy Director, to develop a strategy that will allow continued growth assure that BAVC remains at the forefront of non-media technology. Such endeavor is to overcome barriers to the acquisition of capital in non-profit finance market. What options BAVC, and she must choose between the two? "Hide
by Ezra Zuckerman, Mike Hochleutner Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 19 pages. Publication Date: 01 May 2001. Prod. #: SI06-PDF-ENG

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Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)

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