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CEO of TerraPower, John Gilleland, returned to his office after a long meeting with prospective investors. Gilleland noted that this recent conversation was similar to dialogues with other interested cleantech increase equity investors though early in the fundraising process.

The dialogs circled around a common theme: "This is the largest notion that is ever been presented at our partners' assembly. We love what you are doing, but it's not right for us as an investment." Outside of raising cash from typical growth equity and infrastructure funds, Gilleland could partner with a government and/or form a joint venture with an existing nuclear power player. Reliance Industries as an investor in TerraPower could provide an entry point into the fast growing Indian market. At exactly the same time, Gilleland and Gates had discussed with China National Nuclear Corp. about a potential collaboration with TerraPower. Whom should Gilleland call next?

TerraPower case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: November 20, 2012 PRODUCT #: 813108-PDF-ENG

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