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 Shaggy Bar, which is a food restaurant, will be situated in the middle of the city,Barcelona. It will be offering customizable food, which a customer can shape according to their taste.Shaggy Bar will be opened with the association of the shareholders that will water the business plan with the required investments.The company in turn will make one of the shareholders as the head chef of the restaurant. The reason why the company is planning to make one of the share holders as the boss of the restaurant is because he would be able to see by himself as to the condition of the company, along with the amount of cost incurring. Given this reason, this will reduce the conflicts between the management and the shareholders which would arise due to the difference in viewpoint of both towards taking the operations and profits.

The company will also hire 6 rotational non-permanent employees along with a legal advisor, who will look after the company’s situation, as well as would deal with the ongoing government policies. Moreover, among the 6 employees, 3 will serve and guide the people,whereas one will be the floor in-charge and the remaining 2 employees will supervise,attend, greet and direct the customers.PROFESSIONAL PROFILE OF SHAGGY BAR

In Shaggy Bar,the head chef and the key shareholder will be the“recent Master Chef Runner up”. The company did not go for the winner of Master Chef because of the demanding share in the company.The bar will have great quality of food at a really affordable price.The key competency of Shaggy bar is its customized food at a reasonable rate.The company will also focus on hygiene and will adapt the transparency strategy so as to gain the trust of the customers by keeping an open kitchen so that people could know the situation of the kitchen.

In the product list, the company will offer salads with different varieties, pastas and sandwiches. The company further plans to offer day to day special deals,which may include food and drinks. The company has also ensured that it will offer a sitting lounge where people can have coffee and sit there and talk.


The company has been expected to start with 3000 Euros.This initial budget will be used for rent payment, kitchen accessories and utensils, seating arrangement, and crockery.This startup cost will not include the salaries of the employees at first, and will be given on weekly basis. The company also focuses on providing extra service by creating an atmosphere that is not totally formal or totally casual but a combination of both where people can came around,relax,talk,conduct meetings.


Shaggy Barwill be offering customizable salads, pastas, coffee,drinks, desserts and the main specialty will be the sandwiches. Customers can assemble their salads themselves with a wide variety of salad offerings.The offerings will be tomatoes,cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red turnip, carrot, capsicum, cabbages and herbs while it will also include the section of grilled vegetables, which will be zucchini,cauliflower,pear, broccoli and cinnamon. Few offerings of self-made salads will be:

Roquefort Salad: This is the type of salad that will be made by mixing basil leaves mixed with cherry tomatoes, red onion,topped with baked walnut,pear dipped in wine and cinnamon.On the top, it will be dressed with cheese and citrus vinaigrette.

Antipasti salad: This is a special salad that will have fried capsicum, mixed with grilled cauliflower,zucchini, aborigine with a layer of red onion and parsley in garlicthyme and lemon sauce with the dressing of herbs and mini-sprouts.

Quinoa Salad: This salad will comprise of mix herbs (mint, parsley, and coriander), black lentils,cranberries, cashew nuts and off course quinoa.

With these offerings, the customers can also consider adding chicken,beef, nuts, vinaigrette dressing, which will be all home-made top quality products...................

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