The iPhone at IVK Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The most obvious threat with having an iPhone is that it can be stolen quite easily which makes the company data at extraordinary risk. Having an iPhone will make all the applications to be downloaded with a fee attached to it. Along with this, not all applications will be up to the required standards of IVK. iPhone will also increase the overall costs for the company on the whole.

To further analyze the credibility of replacing notebooks with iPhone, Jim Barton should evaluate the effectiveness on iPhone within the IT management department. Over here, Barton along with Cho should look at the usefulness of having an iPhone for business purposes within the sales department at IVK Financial Services. As the case states, it had some drawbacks of rolling out iPhone but eventually it has various advantages too. An iPhone will help in determining the business capabilities and will improve the functioning of the day to day assignments of sales representatives at IVK. With an iPhone with every sales representative will increase their efficiency and task performing ability to a large extent.


Finally, it can be advised that Jim Barton should move ahead and proceed with the option of rolling out iPhone at IVK while using the iterative approach. With this approach, Barton will make sure that first of all, only the CEO and the sales department will start using iPhone for their work. Once they give a positive feedback about its worth and credibility at IVK, Barton can then roll it out to all the departments at IVK. This will make the transition process a rather smooth one which will benefit the company in the long run.

Slowly integrating iPhone at IVK will make the IT Department look after any defect and loopholes, iPhone might present and when it will be a part of single department it will be easier for the company to overcome the issue at hand with efficiency and effectiveness. Along with this, Barton should also conduct meetings with the sales department on a regular basis to take their feedback on iPhone and its usability and credibility at IVK. With all the above precautionary measures and the advantages and disadvantages discussed about rolling out iPhone at IVK Financial Services it can be said that Jim Barton should roll out iPhone within the sales department (Han, 2011). Not only will it make the sales team feel happy, comfortable but it will also be a decision that the CEO also wanted to enforce, because he was quite satisfied with its performance. Along with this, it will also be a cheaper machine as compared to a notebook. Therefore, Jim Barton should roll out iPhone within the sales department of IVK Financial Services.................................

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