Bain & Co.’s IT Practice Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bain & Co.’s IT Practice Case Solution


The company is facing issues due to its developed culture and its policies, as well as the company is unsure of its decision to introduce new I.T function in its services, its cost effectiveness and majorly its effects on the company’s reputation in case the I.T services perform below the expectations.


Culture and organizational policy

The first major problem is the firm’s culture. This has two aspects, which can adversely affect the I.T practice. The human resource is developed internally, as new recruitments are only done at the junior levels which then take up the higher positions after gaining experience (SEE EXHBIT 1). In this way minimum external personnel are recruited at the senior management level. Although the company has hired few external professionals for senior position however,they were made part of the culture easily under the company’s internal partner guidance. Nonetheless,since the new I.T practice will require major hiring of outsiders, therefore this would create some disturbance in the company’s culture and operations. Secondly, the company focuses on having generalized staff and management. The company believes that being generalized allows analyzing the underlying issue from many perspectives rather being specialized and dealing with a single special line of work. These conflicts with the I.T practice because of the Information Technology specialists are to be hired since the nature of this industry applies........................

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