Mission Impossible Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mission Impossible Case Study Solution 

Targeted Companies

As Harry Dresden I would target small companies due to the following reasons:

The online advertising business has too much potential in it for companies who find it difficult to catch all the opportunities a business offers. Online Advertiser, one of the companies of this sector has currently 12 employees.These employees have strong skills and have proved themselves as effective web developers and social media campaign creators in short company’s success mainly depends on this team. As the company has small resources, therefore, relationship with large companies can jeopardize the value and environment of the company. Furthermore, it is difficult for the company to hire a capable employee in a short period, therefore, the company cannot increase its team to fulfill the requirements of large companies.And if the company fails in fulfilling the requirement then negative comments from these clients at social media can damage its reputation.

Along with this,it is very difficult to define and measure the value created by social media. Currently, the methods which are used in the market to measure the ROI of social media are very complicated and they do not measure the actual return.Online Advertiser has an objective to find a way which actually measures the success or failure of social media.

Along with all this, another objective of Online Advertiser is that it wants to create its own niche instead of competing directly with other competitors. Therefore, targeting the large companies will be against this objective because by targeting large companies Online Advertiser has to adopt the method currently used in the market.

Appropriate Value Proposition

The value proposition is a marketing statement which summarizes why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. It attracts potential customers and retains existing ones due to particular features of the product or service which add more value than the similar offerings by competitors. As Online Advertiser is a small player in the market and targets small companies, therefore, it should have an effective value proposition to retain and attract potential customers. Some value propositions which can be adopted by Online Advertiser are as follows:

  • Online Advertiser can offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to small companies because small companies face difficulties in improving the ratings of their websites.So with the help of SEO they can tackle this problem. However, currently in market other players like Wolf21 and Syncapse offer this service but the offer is mainly for large companies.
  • Along with this,Online Advertiser can also offer social media marketing this will help the small companies in making presence among the people which are the main concern of the companies. Although other competitors provide this service they may provide both types of social media marketing: community management and campaign management while small companies need only community management because in campaign management the uninterested audience is targeted automatically while small companies need targeted audience because they operate on a defined
  • Most of the times small companies face problems in maintaining cash therefore pay-per-click will not be an appropriate value proposition because each time when consumer clicks on an advertisement at any website small company has to pay the fixed cost. Hence Online Advertiser should not consider this in its value proposition craft.

Leverage of Online Advertiser creating team

The success of any company mainly depends upon its resources. From these resources, human resource can affect more beneficially or adversely to a company. Hence the success of Online Advertiser is also depended upon its creating team.Currently it consists of 12 members. As the company is in growth phase and intends to catch the emerging opportunities, therefore, it should leverage its creating team.Leveraging of Online Advertiser in creating team will be beneficial for the future of the company because of the following reasons:

Currently, the company has only two customers so its team can fulfill their requirements effectively but once the customer base increases then difficulties will rise in fulfilling their requirements.

Along with this, the company’s success heavily depends on the creative team.So if any of the members of the creative team leave the company then the company will suffer a lot to regain its position.

Furthermore, as this is a technology oriented era, therefore, to ensure success, companies have to cope with it. To keep in line with technology Online Advertisers should have an effective team which conducts research work so that company can update its value proposition and make essence over competitors.

To achieve this objective company has to leverage its current team.................

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