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Axel Springer is one of Europe's dynamic publishing and integrated mixed media organizations, with a vast scope of print and digital contributions. The company’s long term goal is to create more prominent incomes that are uniformly adjusted in the middle of print and media channels that have been effective and successful.

The problem was uncovered in its Annual Report of the year 2013.

Therefore, the challenge was to find different and unique ways to direct the changes in the process of two stage digital strategy. With the two stages digital stage, the company required initial investment in order to generate revenue from their business models such as, marketing, advertising and paid content.

Answer 1

Mathias Döpfner’s strategic leadership:

Mathias Dopfner became the chairman and Chief Executive Officer at a very young age in January 2002 with the clear purpose of starting Axel Springer, a winner of the digital technology in the European business media. He tried to lead the Axel springer with his vision and decision of acquiring Germany’s TV broadcaster which could make Axel Springer powerful enough to control the whole market and also public opinion.

Dopfner reconsidered his strategy to promote digital technology along with promotion of company’s online channels that challenges company to earn the 50% of revenue and EBITDA from digital technology.

The principle idea and need of the incorporated strategies by the CEO of the organization was to create andholdmeasures and systems that were the main factors of theindustry needs and desires in terms of what the clients’ needs were in the target business sector of the business.

The motivation and the movement in the measures and methodologies of the management of the organization for addressing to the clients’ needs and desires with respect to the technological movements and the evaluation of prices according to the purchasing power of the stated business sector helped the management of the organization in progressing its incomes, working edges and the piece of the overall industry of the company in the markets it works.

Key strategic actions:

The most critical strategically actions were taken by Mathias Dopfner includes:

When there was transformation in culture from print media to digital, he used to restructure and address the thorough study of change in trends and alteration in the reconstruction in the target market because facing the change in the organization is the greatest challenge to accept it and it requires developing understanding and necessary digital skills for employees.

The other part of this activity of the management of the organization was the readdressing of the corporate methodology for the business by building up a two dimensional system for the business that incorporated the internationalization of the company and broadening in the nearby markets of the nation of origin of the organization.

The fundamental point behind this two dimensional corporate and long term methodology of the management of the organization was to accomplish the business sector initiative for the business in the particular portion of the business.

Another strategy was the diversification of the management in the native market of the origin country that was acquired with the expansion of offering products and services in the same market place. Moreover, this was the first step for the acquisition of German television by taking latest and efficient platforms of acquiring it.

The company’s digital transformation as it stands in 2014:

The company effectively begun the eventual fate of advanced news coverage. In the following couple of years, the company should keep the pace of its accelerated digitization to end up as the main innovative publisher.......................

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