Auto Ethnogrphy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Auto ethnography

Auto ethnography is basically a form of qualitative research in which the researcher is asked to explore his own personal experiences which focuses on the investigation. Along with this, it basically acknowledges the power of researcher to explore his own life more closely rather than others and it also connects the personal story of a specific culture and also engages the readers to share in the liveliness of the overall experience. It is an intriguing qualitative method of research (Barth, 2009).


I belong to a Chinese middle class family. I am the only child of my parents. My dad belongs to Shanghai, whereas the birthplace of my mother is Beijing. I belong to a middle class family where my father works in a steel manufacturing company. My mother is a housewife who looks after the home and also focuses on my studies. My parents have played a vivacious role in my upbringing. They have made me understand the society and cultural aspects of my surroundings (Barth, 2009).

As I have developed I have understood that Chinese people pay extra emphasis on cultural values and maintain relationships with the extended family members. I have always regarded this as a blessing because it is a truth and a harsh reality that in your tough times no one will support you, but the family only. This basically has been one of the unique attribute of my culture and I have been taught the same that I have to value culturalbeliefs and have to present myself as a strong individual who understands that the moral values of the family stand above the rest.

In my family, the role of my mother in the health of our family is quite vital and significant. She has been the person who has been looking after the health issues of our family. She looks after my dad too. She keeps a check on what we eat and our eating behaviors too. She is basically a bachelors in food sciences therefore she ensures that whatever we eat is healthy and nutritious. My mother prepares fresh food every day where she packs the lunch for my dad and we eat the same food that day. She keeps a check and balance on the eating patterns of the family quite strictly. On the other hand side, my dad is less bothered about health issues because he knows my mother is quite focused with this aspect of the life. Dad is mostly focused on professional life and looks after the monetary aspect of the family, therefore he does not pay any attention to the health concerns and issues within our family (Sang Ye 2006).

Making the decision regarding the heath maintenance of the family is taken by the mother. She has been responsible for all the nutritional aspects of the family. She looks after the dates of every vaccination and makes sure my dad, meand my mother are visiting the doctor on a regular basis. This is basically because of her efforts that my family is quite healthy and physically strong. In fact, she is the one who has motivated me to join the gym and stay away from unhealthy things such as cigarette and alcohol. Therefore, I proudly say my mother has been a source of inspiration for the family and she is a blessing where she looks after heath of every person in the family.

I have learned that in the current era men and women both have become quite keen to improve their health standards. In fact, people have become so much knowledgeable that they look to actually not eat unhealthy food which can affect their diet. To keep a check on health in both men and women should avoid junk food and spicy products (Kong, 2002). By understanding the fact that both men and women have gauges substantial knowledge about health and nutrition their beliefs have strongly changed. Now both the genders look bring in the positive attribute to their health beliefs and has also realized that a healthy body is directly proportional to better performance in professional and academic life. Therefore, the increasing number of men and women being accustomed to becoming health conscious has resulted in better and healthy eating patterns.

Health coverage has never been an issue for our family. We are privileged to have access to all the doctors in the city. I live in Beijing, which is the capital of China therefore access to a doctor has never been an issue for our family. In fact, the place where I live is centrally located in the city therefore access to doctor is an easy thing for us. It is a privilege and the right for the family because having access to competent doctors is a blessing and a privilege for my family..................

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