Atmel: Igniting the B2C in B2B Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Atmel Corporation is a producer of semiconductors (chips). It is an engineering-driven business-to-business promotion company, and prior to 2012, was mostly restricted to preparation of specifications, establishing new products, and trade shows. In the year 2012, it hired Sander Arts as Vice President of Marketing. Arts was not an engineer, and had very distinct ideas about how marketing could add value to the firm. For example, he believed that social media could be utilized to create user communities that were active for an organization that makes commodity products.

He also believed that the business was missing significant opportunities in long-tail markets, and the Manufacturer movement. Create creative advertising alternatives and he wanted to humanize the brand. This "case" is a succession of videos - one to organize pupils for the course session, and two to be shown after the course conversation. The 15-minute preparation video is a string of interviews where the views of different stakeholders (engineering, marketing, customer, etc.) are presented prior to the entrance of Arts. The challenges facing Arts are clearly illustrated. Following class conversation, a nine-minute video dialogue with Arts can be utilized to show how he approach the challenge. Atmel prepared the third video, and shows the view of its success in developing marketing as an important part of the organization of the company.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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