ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Asur, S., &Huberman, B. A. (2010). Predicting the future with social media. Web
Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, 1, 492-499.
doi: http://10.1109/WIIAT.2010.63

This article focuses on the future of the social media networking and the social media companies. This paper is relevant to the research project and it would help to get to know about the future of the social media companies as a result of the decisions which social media companies make today.

This article defines what a social networking site is and it also lays down the history of the development of social networking sites. This article would be helpful in this research project as the changes to the definitions of social media could be connected to the developments made by our concerned company within this industry.

. This would have useful insights for our project and we would get a good overview of the contribution of Facebook in creating business value for other companies. This would highlight the key strengths as well as the weaknesses of decisions within this industry.

Ellison, G. and D. Fudenberg (1993). Rules of thumbs for social learning. TheJournal of Political Economy 101 (4), 612{643.

This article focuses on specific rules of thumbs for social learning in real world outcomes. This article provides an overview about the most important factors possessed by the social networking sites and highlights the importance of the technology for making use of social learning in a more feasible manner.

Ellison, N., Steinfield, C., & Lampe, C. Connection strategies: Social capital implications of Facebook enabled communication practices. New Media & Society 13, 6 (2011),

This article focuses on the assessment of the different connection strategies of Facebook and also identifies the relationship between the social capital and the communication strategies. Moreover, this article puts light on the strengths of the business model of Facebook, which supports its financial decisions.

Godes D, Mayzlin D (2004) Using online conversation to study word of mouth communications. Marketing Sci. 23(4):545–560.

This article focuses on the word of mouth strategies for the managers in promoting their products. This article has many implications for our research project as all the challenges associated with data gathering using online conversation through social networking sites such as Facebook would be identified.

Hanna, R., Rohm, A., & Crittenden, V. L. (2011). We’re all connected: The power of the
social media ecosystem. Business Horizons, 54(3), 265–273.

Most of the companies today have identified the importance of social media in order to get close to their customers but they don’t know how to do it effectively. This article provides us with useful insights about the performance of Facebook and how it serves the needs of its customers.

Daniel J. Power, & Gloria Phillips, (2012). Impact of Social Media and Web 2.0 on
Decision Making. Journal of Decisions System.

This is one of the most important articles related to our research. This article focuses on the impact of the social media on different types of the decisions of the company including the financial decisions. It further highlights the role played by social media sites in creating value for other businesses and how they enhance their own value.........

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