ANNEALING Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Have you ever annealed those working for you (or been annealed by someone you worked for)? Was this approach successful or unsuccessful? Why or why not?

Yes, I have annealed my employees in order to bring change in the overall performance of the employees as well as in order to boost up the overall efficiency in the operations of the company. The process of annealing brought highly favourable results as it has increased the overall motivational level of the employees as they get aware about the new techniques to enhance their performance.

In addition to this, most of the employees want intrinsic motivation, annealing brings the change and overall growth in the performance and job description of the employees. Moreover, organisational growth is achieved by innovating the operations and services of the company

. Through annealing, the operations of the company are innovated efficiently and effectively. Thus, it also boosts up the overall growth of the company.

Furthermore, annealing creates sufficient skills in the employees to deal with uncertainties efficiently and effectively as well as to adapt the changes effectively. Thus, it also increases the overall competency level of the employees as well as it also expedite the creativity in the employees.

In addition to this, annealing the employees has also created the leadership skills in them as they learnt to tackle with the complex organisational issues and uncertainties efficiently and effectively.

However, there were few employees who showed resistance to change, but they were provided with a number of incentives in order to purchase their confidence as well as in order to motivate them to adapt the change....................

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