Amir Dan Rubin: Success from the Beginning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

By 2010, Stanford hospital had recovered from a massive failed merger with the hospital of the University of California, San Francisco but had become financially stable. In the meeting of November 2010, the board of Stanford Hospital and Clinics decided to appoint Amir Dan Rubin, as the next CEO who at the time was Chief Operating Officer of the UCLA Hospital System.

Inefficient care of patients and operational performance were the challenges that Rubin would have to face in the hospital. Along with this, Rubin would have to come with the most sustainable strategies in the competitive health system landscape.

Development of the HR system, hiring the most expert staff and to improve the medical center faculty would only be the reasons of success for Rubin. This case evaluates the path followed by the Rubin, to bring change in the culture of Standford and to develop a productive and learning environment in the Hospital. Rubin, particularly, supported all of the stakeholders that were playing a crucial role in the success of Rubin, including the medical school physicians, the colleagues at Standford, and the board of the hospital who had many expectations from the new CEO.

This case evaluates the objectives and strategies set by the Rubin for 2014 to grow in a highly competitive environment and to combat the challenges as he had forecasted. This case would also be useful and would explore the issues for the topics including task of building internal support, organizational culture, cultural change, leadership.

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Amir Dan Rubin: Success from the Beginning

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