ProjectSHED Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case follows a team of founders - recent graduates of the Higher Business School (GBS) - an early stage in the formation of the company and launch a successful start. Four founders met and began negotiations, as students in GSB. This case covers in some depth the specifics of building a team, including the discussion and valuing, sharing and explicit goals, and the definition of ownership and management roles. The team officially came long before he identified his business plan, or even the field of business it will do. It covers the command search for a viable business idea and affects different ways to generate ideas as well as some of the challenges the team faced. Once the team has determined that it would seek wireless capabilities, case covers his quest proper funding and a strong management team to round out the experience and skills of the founders. "Hide
by Garth Saloner, Janet Feldstein Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 19 pages. Publication Date: January 24, 2002. Prod. #: E116-PDF-ENG

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