How Reputation Affects Knowledge Sharing Among Colleagues Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What role does the reputation in solving R & D employee or not to share knowledge with colleagues? To study this question the authors surveyed more than 200 scientists in 63 different pharmaceutical companies. Conclusions of the authors show that even among R & D employees in the same company, the information is not always shared freely. Instead, the assessment of the potential source of knowledge about the reputation of knowledge seekers influenced whether or not information was offered. They found that several factors influence the evaluation of scientific reputation colleagues. Not surprisingly, the duration of the last interaction between the two sides was positively related to the probability of the current knowledge exchange happening between them. In addition, the proximity of a positive impact as reputation was received. But if a person is looking for information was already in debt to the potential source of knowledge, sharing of knowledge was less likely. In addition, the study showed that scientists are more likely to share information with others in the same company, if the know-how is unique and vital to the task. "Hide
by C. Prescott Ensign, Louis Hebert Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 5 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2010. Prod. #: SMR342-PDF-ENG

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How Reputation Affects Knowledge Sharing Among Colleagues

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