AMD: Customer-Centric Approach to Innovation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Running on AMD Opteron processors in 2003 allowed the company to get into the lucrative server segment. Longtime follower of Intel, AMD management felt I was able to drive the microprocessor industry in new directions. However, in 2006 it was not clear whether the success of Opteron in the server segment will translate to success in other segments of microprocessors, in particular, corporate desktops and laptops, and whether the initial success of the servers can be sustained in the future. Imminent new product from Intel and tariffs, as well as the existing capacity of the brand, can significantly inhibit the growth of AMD and prevent his new initiative - which included the opening of its architecture for end-users to customize and alter its brand. Also considered as the company tries to gain a competitive advantage through an approach to innovation, which emphasizes customer focus. "Hide
by Elie Ofek, Lauren Barley Source: Harvard Business School 30 pages. Publication Date: 31 January 2007. Prod. #: 507037-PDF-ENG

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AMD: Customer-Centric Approach to Innovation

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