Amazon Alexa And Patient Engagement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Amazon Alexa And Patient Engagement Case Solution 

User authentication is also another major issue. Since Paolo Alto has around 1 million patients making sure that a patient trying to access the system is being authenticated correctly. The system should be up and available 24/7.


Despite the growing popularity of the Alexa launched by Amazon in the market along with its benefits ranging from patient-focused care to help patient with chronic disease management by connecting the health data of patients with the medical experts and professionals, Amazon Alexa has widely publicized issues with the privacy issues of the patient medical information and record.

To address the rising issue of patient privacy, the company is recommended to follow the HIPAA privacy rule based on USA as by following the privacy laws, the company would be able to protect the medical records of the patients and other personal health information as well as applies to the health plans. Similarly, the company is advised to follow the privacy and security law based on Europe - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it is the toughest security and privacy law in the world. Though it was passed and drafted by the European Union (EU), it tends to impose regulations and obligations onto the firm anywhere.

By ensuring the privacy of the medical record of a patient, the company would be able to promote more effective communication between patients& physicians which is of high importance and essential for enhanced autonomy and quality of care. Furthermore, the company is recommended to improve the outcomes and experience for patients by incorporating the apps, websites, virtual reality, and video conferencing. In doing so, the company would be able to improve patient engagement and enhance the outcomes of the patient.

Rationale for Recommendations

The first recommendation is to collaborate with Amazon in protecting the safety concerns and private information of the individual patients i.e. Alexa, being a HIPA compliant system and governed under the GDPR, would keep all of the patients’ data confidential. The collaboration would remove the concerns of the patients regarding their privacy and they will feel satisfied with the organization’s services. The collaboration would require a contract from Amazon for keeping the data within the boundaries of organizational purposes. This would protect the company from any privacy lawsuits raised by the patients, cases from regulatory authorities, and keep the reliability of the customers towards the company. Not only this, the systems would keep the information private even if the customer goes beyond the county’s boundaries. In this way, the patients will feel safe and they will provide more information to the system, which will ultimately reduce the illness among the population.

Secondly, to improve customer engagement levels, customers will be contacted through websites, sessions, video-conferences, etc. to keep them more informed about the potential health issues and their related prevention. This suggestion would work in the best interest of the organization as the patients will feel attached to the company. They will trust the company more through recurring interaction even with the system and other sources and they provide their private information thoroughly. Adoption of these measures will reduce the patient traffic in the hospital and the doctors will be able to examine each patient's history properly and treat them effectively. It will ultimately enhance the hospital’s performance and reputation among the patients, regulation authorities, and among the whole community........................

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