Mina O’Reilly at Logan Airport’s TSA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mina O'Reilly at Logan Airport's TSA Case Solution 


This case study highlights the activities of the management team at Mina O’Reilly and shows that how effectively they performed their duties and responsibility at the Logan Airport’s TSA. The main purpose of this case is to highlight the points that how the administration groups comeback on the tragedies and incidents that happened at the terminal airport. It is expected that airports are the busiest places where numerous people arrive on daily basis, the safety of their live and materials they carried out should be secured. Moreover, its responsibility depends on the management team. The responsibility of administration is to be ready for any predicaments on the busiest airport terminals. When the incident was faced about every person was shocked that time and they were looking for a responsible person who could save them from such incidents.

The main view point of this case study is based on the decision making proficiency of Mina O’ Reillyas to how they use their skills and abilities for the safety of customers. However, Mina O’Reilly has her wayof doing things and whatever responsibilities have been performed by the administration she sorts them out with extra care. Moreover, she has good decision making and problem solving skills.

She is the woman who is the senior officer at Logon airport and she is amongst the hundred supervisors of transportation securities at Logan Airport. The problem statement of this case is that the travelers identified that many employees are out of their duties and sometimes employees continue their conversations with their friends and colleagues. In addition, the passengers have found problems such asdelay at screening point, long waiting time to reach at the terminal point or checking out of luggage and safety concerns as well. The duties focus on the safety of travelers, check out of luggage, transportation safety, and check in of travels or other breaches incidents that happened immediately.


Mina O’Reilly is the senior constable on Logon Airport (TSA) in Boston city. She has more than hundred supervisory transportation security officers. She joined TSA in 2006 when she was associated with the abating capitalist IT undertakings which she had in progress along with his companion. She guides workers regarding their responsibilities of supervision due to the safety breach at terminal which happened in 45 minutes of terminal finish and this led to possible extravagances towards traveler safety and delay of flight diagonally to the United States.The high-ranking TSA disappointments and disgrace on his/her staff urge for answer ability, however the individual answerable for those falling-out is an interest week and esteemed representative who need been for TSA since its framing. As far as designing her program tactics, O'Reilly must choose whether she could check in or not.

Assessment of TSA to date

TSA (Transportation Security administration) system was familiarized in reaction towards the event which took place in September 11, 2001; violence was a constituent of the United States Subdivision of motherland security. During this time period, TSA hired approximately fifty thousand security officers, which alluded safety officers, air marshals, superintendents, as well as the managers who are accountable for checking or broadcasting the travelers’ luggage and suitcases which arrived in four hundred and fifty US Airfields. Moreover, the major objective of TSA is to provide protection and to guarantee self-determination of association for individuals and commerce.

The organization merely emphasizes more on the individuals and motivates the employees to be cautious at any time for the sake of people’s security. In addition to this, the organization also hired part time personnel for TSA entire department, as the employees not only had the objective to just complete the task but to keep these entire things as our duty for defending the nation-state.............

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