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Businessman Pearse Lyons Alltech was built in fast-growing companies in the global animal health industry with innovative technology, creative marketing and a strong brand. Sel-Plex, a patented product of Alltech, showed significant benefits for animal and human health. Despite numerous branded selenium-enriched products that are sold in supermarkets around the world, the current business model (selling Sel-Plex as an ingredient) will not allow him to participate in the value is created. Lyons and Alltech director must choose one of three different options for Sel-Plex, which include continuing with the current strategy of partnership with animal producers, marketing or Sel-Plex directly to consumers in the form of tablets. "Hide
by David E. Bell, Mary Shelman Source: Harvard Business School 30 pages. Publication Date: December 12, 2007. Prod. #: 508033-PDF-ENG

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