Alameda Health System Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Organizational Analysis:

The Alameda Health System is based on 5 hospitals and 4 wellness centers, all of these care units are located on different places in the country. The strategic hospitals and wellness centers possess different specialties and skills which leads to better fulfilment of specific needs of the patients.

The largest hospital of the health care system provides the patients mainstream services. Followed by hospital in pavilion provides specific treatment such as psychiatric emergency. The hospital has highly skilled nursing beds which provides the patients better high quality treatments.

The Alameda health System has partnerships as well to provide the better services to patients. The Partnership with other health care institution provides the company physician for ad hoc basis. The Alameda system employee highly competent physician which adds value to the health care system by providing better surgeries.

The hospitals and wellness centers of the system provides range of different treatments that includes the orthopedics, urology and general surgery. This range of services indicates the diversity of the system into many services. The diverse business leads to reduction in business risk.

The system has many stakeholders which includes the society, investors, central government etc. the key stakeholders of the system are the patients of the hospital that claims solely depends on the better treatment of diseases in competitive prices. Although the Alameda health system is profitable system but the financial and investment strategy of the system seems to be inappropriate as the company’s current assets has the substantial proportion of total asset. The system has to invest more funds in longer term asset which generate value.

Alternative Strategies

Competencies and Infrastructure:

The system intends to provide better treatment to its patients and wants to enhance its market share. The improve competencies will help in the achievement of required results. The high competencies means the system should work on the attraction of competent physicians and surgeons in order to enhance the patients’ attractions.

Financing Contract:

The system has to create the contract with the commercial institutions on its best interest rather than providing benefits to them. The better negotiation will provide the company balanced Win-win situation for both parties to the contract.

Strengthen Partnerships:

In order to provide best health care services to the population the system has to make alliances with area healthcare and non-health care institution. With the coloration of new partners better strategic options can be formulated and implemented precisely.

Strategy Implementation

In order to achieve high competencies the System has to reevaluate the recruitment policy and procedures in recruiting surgeons and physician. Appropriate criteria is defined for the hiring of staff and in addition to this for sustainable growth of human capital training will be provided to them.

The System has to invest major funds in the technological improvement rather than stocking high current assets. For the better outcomes of new strategy the system has to communicate the strategy to the stakeholders so that their confidence on the System will increase.

Evaluation of Plan:

The better infrastructure reduce the operating cost of the Hospitals and increase efficiencies in the process which leads to better satisfaction of patients. In addition to this the   prospective Patients will attract towards the hospital and the market share of the Alameda System will increase that in turn generates profitability. The recruitment of competent staff will increase the internal control and monitoring Process of the Alameda System.



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