AK BANK CREDIT CARDS Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Write a directive to the Director of Human Resources outlining your strategy for how to recruit, retain and motivate employees.

Recruitment Strategy

Maintaining the employee base and recruiting the potential candidates is important for the bank to maintain its position in the market. In fact, maintaining the employee’s base and ensuring the availability of the potential candidate is important for the sustainability of the bank in the market. Hence to do so, the HR director needs to introduce the external and external recruitment strategy that would allow the organization to attract and maintain the employee base, leading to the continuous supply of the talent in the bank.

In addition, the HR director also needs to ensure the right alignment of the bank’s offering and the external market demand through developing the right job fit. By doing so, the Director needs to hire the individuals with the right attitude needed to offer maximum value to the customer.

Apart From the new hiring policy and employees, the Director needs to motivate and retain the old employees. By doing so, he has to improve and increase the compensation ratio and the rewards should be offered to the existing employees in order to delight them. Moreover, it needs to identify the right drivers of motivation to harness the motivation in employees effectively. Such can be done through active feedback from employees, making the bank understand the right motivational drivers and hence placing them in the right place to create the right job fit.

Lastly, the bank needs to offer the career plan to the employees, allowing them to see the higher organizational position with the usage of right performance metrics. This is imperative to motivate and retain the employees within the organization, leading to high retention and motivation, and ultimately the productivity of the AK bank in the market. Additionally, the appreciation and open acknowledgement strategy needs to be in place in order to enhance the morale of the employees. This is important along with the monetary motivational benefits in order to maintain the motivation of the employees, leading to better performance.

Construct a set of data-driven questions for the Chief Operating Officer to produce.  Explain why you are looking for this information and what you expect to do with the results.

The success of the business of the bank depends on the efficiency of the operation and the detailing if the operational requirement are sufficient to fulfill the task and goals. It is the operations that make the banks meet the target effectively and efficiently, hence keeping the COO in loop while developing the strategy is important and understanding the information that COO would need to develop a strategic plan.

The following questions are required to be addressed by the COO, in order for me to understand the required protocols that are needed to be placed in order to make the functioning of the bank more effective

What are the Key Performance indicators that are required in each process of the banking operation?

The particular question will allow me to analyze the required kips in place and the resources required along with the financial assistance in order to implement the strategy effectively.

What tools are required to crunch the customer data effectively?

The understanding of the tools such as software is important for the organization  in order to direct the staff and the other directors to train and integrate the departments accordingly into the software to make the operation efficient and smooth. In fact, such will make me understand what department are in need to be aligned or coordinated together.

What technological support is required to enhance the operational efficiency and customer satisfaction level?

This question will allow us to understand the technological model that needs to be placed in the organization. It is due to the fact that this will require preparation in the other employee base for the change and also allocates the required budget and staff to implement the technological change. The technology may be in shape of the internal software that may enhance the operations and also increase the customer’s satisfaction level.

Write a directive to your Chief Technology Officer outlining your technology concerns and things he/she should consider?

Technology Concerns

Well, in order to maintain the competitive edge of the peak, maintaining the technological soundness and maintaining the technology with the latest market demand is important. In such sense, it is important for  AK bank to develop the technological support such as the introduction of mobile banking and payments system along with the other modes of payments that may enhance the customer satisfaction level and the ability to connect with the banking services efficiently.

  1. The major concern in such sense is the security of the technological application and systems, through which the customer may interact with the bank and make payment or recharge the credit cards. Such is an important concern, since inability to maintain the soundness of the system may lead to customer switch while on the other hand its improvement may allow the bank to attract more customer and enhance the market reach.
  2. In addition, the resistance of the system also needs to be considered. Such is how much time and process it will take for the costumer to use the card and make payment also the ability to assist the customer 24/7 of the system lags should be considered as well.
  3. Moreover the fluency of the system in times of heavy traffic is also a concern for me, since maintaining the traffic load and offering the services at the fastest track will allow  AK bank to maintain its competiveness in the market. Failure to do so may lead to customer switch or bad reputation. Also, the understanding of the latest technology and its implementation in the bank through technological support is a major concern. As understanding which technology is important to implement in the organization at what time is the major decision that the CTO has to make in right time and hence it is of great concern.
  4. Write a statement to your Board of Trustees explaining the ethical and social responsibility the organization carries and your proposal for how you plan to meet that responsibility. 

To Board of Directors

AK bank firmly maintains the employee integrity and employment rights. The bank truly cares for the employees in maintaining their integrity and dignity in the bank. In addition, the bank also ensures the rights of employees and that of customer are offset accordingly without hiring any of the party.

  1. The bank also adheres to honesty, transparency and ethical consideration in the market. By doing so, it does not involve the customer in any unethical business or does not support the usage of the banking services for unethical purposes.
  2. The bank also pursues a CSR strategy. By doing which it offer free education to the children aged between 1-15 years, and also offers the opportunity to women to join the banking sector by developing the equal employment right. Lastly, the bank takes the firm control of the usage of its services for the right work and also holds the confidentionality rights to secure the customer data.


While implementing the above codes and strategies into the system, the bank will develop an equal opportunity policy and will attract the women workers to join the workforce. By doing so, it will advertise the recruitment ads to attract the women the in work force.

In addition, it will join hand with the regional NGOs to offer free education to the children. Such will be done through easy applications system in the bank that will ultimately offer the certain budget, leading to better education access.

Moreover, the organization will develop open declaration to secure the customer data from the third party. This will be affirmed by the board of directors and trustee to keep the customers’ data confidential, leading to better customer support and security. Lastly, the bank will list all the policies and the procedures along with the payments techniques and system on the paper for the customer to make the term transparent enhancing the overall transparency of the system.............


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