Airtel Money Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Airtel Money Case Study Solution

Strategy Implementation

Just as important it was to keep the market needs in mind while developing the strategy, same level of importance is required in the implementation of that strategy.


Alliances: Airtel must make an alliance with any famous local bank so people can start trusting them with their money. Alliances with local shops and websites will also result in customers diverting to use Airtel money.

Marketing:They must make billboards, and conduct mass marketing through TVC. This will increase their visibility in rural areas.

Target audience: Students and working class people must be targeted in the marketing, since these are the people using cell phones the most. It would be much easier for them to covert to Airtel money as compared to those who do not use cell phones. Since students do a lot of online shopping, discounts or reward points can attract them to be a loyal customer. An alliance with Flip cart, Amazon, Alibaba and other local website can greatly increase the usage of the service.

Demographic Study:An extensive study needs to be conducted by the company to discover the demographics of the country and the purchase patterns. This would help in segmentation and marketing plans.

Competitors: Knowledge about the moves and strategies of competitors must be kept in knowledge. Competitive advantage has be maintained and competitors have to be given tough competition in every way. Any new technology or research has to be quickly incorporated into the system.

Business Model: a proper business model has to be developed. With an effective and successful business model, company can more efficiently establish itself in the market. Elements that needs to be covered in detail are mentioned in Exhibit 2.


The key to company’s success in Africa were the favorable conditions of the country. The people were educated and adaptive to the new trends.The people of Africa warmly welcomed the new technology. They readily accepted the trend introduced to them. In addition, the regulatory authority was extremely helpful in the establishment of the company.

However the situation in India was quite different. The company expected somehow similar response in India, but this wasn’t the case. They struggled more in India as compared to Africa. The regulatory authorities in India were strict, creating obstacle in company’s performance. People of India were also illiterate, due to which they were not as adaptive to the new trend. They believed that banks are enough for them to cater their transaction needs.


Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2


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