Kameda Seika: Cracking the U.S. Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Kameda Seika: Cracking the U.S. Market Case Study Solution


Alternative – Product Placement:


  • It will provide Kameda to place Kameda Crisps among the leading advertisers and brands through providing a significant opportunity in order to grab the interest of consumers.
  • Unlike the recent avoidance of consumers, the advertisement of product placement cannot be avoided, or blocked by blocker or a system-level.
  • Embedding the brand in entertainment channels provides a key to undivided attention and will significantly eliminate the need to compete with other brands.


  • It require high investment cost depending on the selection of entertainment medium for the product promotion.
  • The power of creativity in shooting of commercializing a product is wholly in hands of the hired production studio.

Alternative –Social Media Marketing


  • Limited investment in terms of marketing efforts to increase sale provides generation of greater returns for the business.
  • Promotion of products on social media platform due to increase in the interest of people in the use social media provides an easy and cheap approach to reach great range of consumers not only in the region of United States of America but throughout the world.
  • Marketing on social media primarily relies on the fast action and their potential results. Therefore, they serve as the quickest way to spread information or making people aware about any particular product use.
  • This significantly leads in the loyalty of consumers towards the brand through boosting their reputation in the online market serving as an easy and comfortable way for the consumers.


  • Social media market require time in order to keep the content updated to retain the interest of the consumers.
  • Similar to the first disadvantage of social media marketing, it requires time in meeting your desired objective mainly in return on investment.
  • Despite of serving as powerful tool in the development of product promotion same force is responsible to pull down a negative impact on the business.


The approach and efforts of Kameda Seika in the expansion of its business in the region of United States of America has not potentially beneficial for the corporation in the starting years. This is due to the presence of the leading organization – Quaker Oats in the area of gluten-free snacks in the United States. Therefore, the products of Kameda had not gained much popularity because of being an Asian brand. Therefore, in order to overcome this issue and increase the sales rate of the Kameda Crisps in the U.S., the organization is suggested with two alternatives i.e. Product Placement and Social media marketing. Considering both the alternatives on the basis of its pros and cons, the most suitable approach that needs to be implemented must be social media marketing as nothing is more rapid than this approach as well as it is low cost one but will significantly return in greater increase in the sales.


The vision of the organization mainly rely on the intention to be recognized throughout the world as a trustworthy brand representing harmony based culture of Japan.As the corporation had set an objective of an overseas ratio of sales to be 30 percent by the year 2020. Therefore,considering two alternatives i.e. Product Placement and Social media marketing on the basis of its pros and conssocial media marketing needs to be implemented.



Exhibit A – SWOT Analysis:

Strength Weakness
·         First Corporation for introducing machinery.

·         Top player maintaining its market share.

·         Availability of 200 products.

·         Lacks experience in efficient acquisition.

·         Not a successful retailer.

·         Placement among Asian products in retailer stores.

Opportunities Threats
·         Capability of absorbing rising costs.

·         Launch new tastes and products.

·         Rice products fit in US consumers demand.

·         Increase in the costs of ingredients.

·         Limited portfolio of the products.

·         Decrease the interest of consumers

Exhibit B – PEST Analysis:

Political Favourable
Social Moderate
Environmental Moderate
Technological Favourable

Exhibit C – Alternatives


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