Wrigley’s Eclipse Gum: Managing Brand Adolescence Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Wrigley’s Eclipse Gum: Managing Brand Adolescence Case Solution


Paul Chibe, Senior Marketing Manager for the company with respect to the Breath Freshening Portfolio for the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company is one week behind the stated deadline for making the necessary recommendations regarding the progress and performance of the Eclipse Gum. The product from the company’s portfolio of breath freshening has not been performing well enough to generate adequate amount of revenues that could sufficiently support the company’s actions in the future. The performance of the company’s product in the first year has posted disappointing results.

Previously, at the time of his employment when Chibe had joined the company he was motivated as an individual by this given challenge as he was the one who had developed the launch plan for the product. When he had joined the company, he had replaced the brand manager who was responsible for developing the launch plan as he himself was confident about his skill and abilities with respect to the launch plan of the product.

Chibe is feeling the pressure now as he is given the responsibility to make the decisions regarding the formulation of strategies regarding that would be adequate to support the future performance of the company’s products. He is aware of the fact that the duty assigned to him is of intense nature and demands crucial analysis and support of the market research provided to him. He is given the task of driving around the struggling brand towards success and performing effectively in order to cater to the financial needs of the company.


The company has not focused majorly upon the chewing gums as a specific product from their company. William Wrigley Jr. used to sell soaps and baking powder in the year 1891. With these product offering of the company, they used to give away chewing gum as an incentives. Incentives in the shape of chewing gums which were being given by the company were more popular in contrast to their original product offering. This increased the focus of the company more towards selling chewing gums and they developed their own line of gums which mainly included two brands of stick gums.

These brands from the company grew to become an iconic brand for the company and supported the company in gaining a higher market share and a strong customer base which sufficiently supported them in growing their business operations and business activities. Followed by these brands the company introduced another iconic brand in 1914. The performance of the company had gained speed as the efforts in the product development and advertising successfully broadened and enhanced the chewing gums appeal and the level of attraction in the market of Gum Industry.

The company has faced a number of difficulties over their operating years in the industry as a business organization. Challenges and difficulties being faced by the company have posed threat to the business activities and creating barriers for them to operate in the industry while catering to the needs of their market share and customer base....................

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