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Adobo was the first dish they both cooked together as a young couple studying at Harvard Business School. It was the dish they shared with classmates to showcase one of the best aspects of Pinoy culture.

Now, husband and wife—and business partners—Jerome Uy and Meredith Ngo are bringing back to the United States not just their home-cooked adobo, but the complete chain of their fast-casual restaurant, Adobo Connection. The restaurant is set to open in Union City, California, by the end of October.

It is a wish comes true for the couple, who have always wanted to make Filipino dish part of regular dining in the United States.

We feel that “the market there is really great for adobo,” says Ngo, who is flying to California for Adobo Connection’s opening.

While the traditional pork and chicken adobo will appear on the US menu, Ngo says they will also be offering adobo pulled pork tacos and nachos to make the dish more accessible to foreigners. Brown rice and eggplant salad will also be offered alongside other entrees like kare-kare, sisig, and more creative adobo meals like Cheesy Adobo, Beef Flakes Adobo, and Fried Chicken Adobo.

Adobo Connection has over 50 stores here in the Philippines. It was first established by Ngo and Uy in 2010. The idea, says Ngo, came from her husband from out of the blue.

“Jerome just gave me a call one day and said, ‘Hey, why don’t we open an Adobo Connection?’ The minute he said it, I could totally envision it—adobo connecting the taste and feel of the modern Filipino home across generations and regions all over the world. After two months, I opened the first store,” Ngo recalls.

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