ACHIEVEMENT FIRST Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



The structural change in conventional style of schooling also assisted the organization to have a unique differentiation among its other competitors. The increase in school hours and special consultancy for the underprivileged students as well as relentless efforts to increase student performance, so that they could achieve the same achievement level as their urban counterparts gave the company an edge over its competitors. Its unique strategy to help students achieve better education won the trusts of the parents as parents are the real target market for this schooling business. The Achievement First successfully convinced the parents why this school is best for the education of their child.

Other internal competencies such as the power to lead, detailed strategy, discipline-oriented, the high quality of training for teachers helped the organization to achieve such success. These factors helped Achievement First to differentiate from its competitors and stand out among all.

Given Achievement First’s mission, how should it consider about its relationship to the public schools and its impact on the public schools?

The Achievement First strives to serve every student regardless of their socio-economic background. It aims to convey the message of equality among, as the organization believe everyone is capable of achieving things, but they are not provided with level playing fields. The Achievement First has narrowed their vision over the African-American who had lower achievement rates to their White American counterparts. The wide notion of societal values affecting the achievement rate of the individual was nullified by the performance of Amistad Academy. Therefore, public schools are missing the essential practices required to achieve similar level of achievement rates as other private schools.

Achievement First has limited resources and presence in New York and Connecticut, while the public schools have presence all over the country and they also have the required resources. The Achievement First could be used as an exemplary project to the public school to bring educational parity. It has been disregarded as being one school project and dismissed with the fact that it is impossible to be replicated through the entire country. The educational reforms lie under the authority of the local administration of the state, which is harder to convince the government to shift curriculum and other components. The easier way for Achievement First would be to collaborate with the public schools and help them identify the areas to be focused. In this way, Achievement First would not use its limited resources, although it can work as a consultant for public schools.

All in all, Achievement First stands at a distinct place than other public schools, and it is looked upon as a state of the art public reforms school and a standard which should be met by other public schools, and this perception is growing in the society.

Due to the possibility of working as a consultant or model for the public school to carry forward the mission of reducing the gap between African American and White American, Achievement First will want to have a better relationship with the public schools as well as the local administration. The better relationship can benefit millions of underprivileged students and help the cause of American First even more as public schools have resources as well prominent presence across the country.............


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