Research Assignment Brief Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Research Assignment Brief Case Solution


Nowadays, the corporate world has a globalized approach to every step they take. They no longer have to confine in the constraints of a particular locality. They have to broaden up their horizon to the international level where they have to face people with diverse qualities. Keeping their core objective in mind that companies have to earn profits, they use human resource in an optimal manner. Therefore, this makes them extract maximum of their potential to use synergistically. However, the problem arises when there is money spent on bringing the required human resource into the company and it fails to perform well or results in turn over. The process through which the human resource is brought-in is one of the reasons, which leads to such events to take place. There are various researches and techniques applied to make this process effective due to the utmost importance human resource has in running the company. Human Resource is one of the most valuable assets, which is not mentioned in the statement of financial position. For every step of the organization, there is human resource, which executes and helps the organization reach its goals.

Research is a very important factor in every field asit helps to identify the underlying cause of a particular behavior of any entity. Research tools used in the field of human resource management in the past have proved fruitful. However, employers are now able to know what factors they can work on to reduce the cost of employee turnover. Precision Engineering Services Company was selected for investigating the recruitment process as it was having trouble with retaining its newly hired employees. The problem identification research conducted yield in which there were some flaws whose solutions were suggested by reviewing the existing literature on recruitment.

Outline of Relevant Literature


Recruitment is the process through which the pool of potential human resource is brought into the organization for the selection process. This process involves various steps that start with a position becoming vacant due to promotion, demotion or leaving of an employee. This is followed by job analysis that reviews the responsibilities and duties of the position. Afterwards, the Human Resource Department attracts the candidates by posting the job specification in the newspapers and other media. Further, onwards, the selection process starts on. A formal definition is that this process is of attracting candidates on a timely basis, in sufficient number and equipped with proper qualification for job application in the organization. (Gusdorf, 2008)

The problem arises when a senior position is vacant and a junior employee is promoted to accommodate the absence. The junior seat, ultimately, gets empty and no one is there to carry out the tasks. After which the time pressure forces the hiring team to quickly hire someone and bring in at the desk. The hasty process is followed in such scenario which does not bring in a loyal candidate, who is desirous to work hard and move up the ladder on merit. Turnover in increased due to this being one of the many reasons. This identifies the importance of training of the recruiting manager who precisely must attract the best candidates.

Problems in Recruitment

Not everyone has the ability to do this job asit requires skills to make sure that the person interviewing and judging the candidate will perform the function well. The literature reviewed for exploring the challenges resulted in identification of the possible errors and very important considerations to take care of. Starting from the first step, the job vacancy, there could be some flaws or shortcomings, which has lead to the departure of the employee from that position. A check on necessity of filling the vacant position is also necessary so if there is any cost that can be saved without getting the operations disturbed. Considering a junior for promotion on to the vacant position is also useful which also can result into motivating the employee to stay longer with the firm.....................

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