ZenRecruit Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case illustrates the mechanism of a sales oriented organization and how the companies and itsmanagersadminister the sales andperformance of each employee, to get the most out of it and also maintainthe quality and sustainability of the business. ZenRecruit, is an intermediary organization with up to 25 people.The company works to provide prospective candidates to organizations, which reduces theiroperational cost and saves time and energy of the organization to find a prospective candidate. The company has 8 sales people, working under highly specialized and optimized sales system. AmaraKaggwa, the sales team leader, works in close accordance with the team and holds a monthly meeting with each member to resolve the bottlenecks and coach them, to reach the optimal performance level. Two of the team members premo and Sung, had been unable to meet the sales target due to pregnancy andmarital issues respectively. Sung also has continuous issues with the pricing policy of the company, which he counters by lobbying with other members to pressure Kaggwa. Under such circumstances, Kaggwa has to meet each of them to coach them and bring back the performance level of eachmember to the optimal level required.

Keywords:  Performance Coaching, sales planning, Recruitment

ZenRecruit Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What’s your game plan for your one on one review ofPremo and Sung?


Erin premo performed great in thefirst 6 months of her joiningZenrecruitbut her performance eventually declined on the performance graph. The major issues identified for the lack of performance are:

  • Since her focus was catering small SME’s, she had been complaining about low number of leads, which lead to low sales closing and ultimately low commission.This fact made Premo lose the interest and develop resentment, which lowered the motivation level of Premo.
  • She developed an intrinsic feeling about kaggawa.She thought that Kaggawa has left her all alone to do her workand that Kaggawa no longer supports her,which has affected her performance.
  • Lastly she is expecting a child, which made her excited about the news, making her avoid the importance of work and sales target.

Under such circumstances, the game plan will be to offer Premo a handful of certainleads to analyze the interest and motivational level that thoseleads may generate. The second step will be closure from Kaggawa, not only on monthly basis, but on a weekly basis, while a little more friendly chat, to make her feel comfortable and motivated. Inaddition, during the one-on-one review, Kaggwa will ensure that whetherPremo’s resentment is only regarding theleads or is there any other reason as well. If there are other reasons to her resentment, then Kaggawa will be considering those aswell. Also, the game plan will be to layout an in-depth discussion with premo, about her pregnancy and her plans for future. If she shows her willingnesstowardscontinuing the work, thenKaggawa will be putting special consideration on making her work manageable under such contusion and resolving her resentment and grudges by offering her incentives that may motivate her towardswork. The handful of leads will allow her to generate more commission, hence the chance of productivity may also rise.....................

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