Zeal: Launching Personalized and Social Learning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"Established in 2014, this case follows John Danner and his team at Zeal as they contemplate their different product development strategies. In the month of February 2013, entrepreneurs such as John Danner and Sanjay Noronha co-founder Zeal, an instruction technology start-up providing an internet-based, mobile learning platform that helps pupils from Kindergarten to 8th grade develop math and literacy abilities predicated on Common Core State Standards through personalized learning strategies.
Having remained a teacher as well as founder of a very successful network of charter schools, Danner believes learning should neverbe limited to the classroom and wants to produce something that may connect students, parents, and teachers to ease individual student learning. Additionally, he considers that offering a social, personalized learning instrument can offer a fun way for students to learn and may also save time for teachers who want to provide differentiated teaching.

Zeal Launching Personalized and Social Learning Case Solution

After several iterations, the Zeal team initiated the most recent version of Zeal in fall 2014. While reflecting on their process to discover product-market fit, Danner and his team wonder where to pivot next and seek an appropriate business model that considers their customer and user base. The instance describes the pupil, parent, and teacher attributes offered by the developing Zeal merchandise, and by what method the team starts with a focus on personalized, peer to peer learning and, based on feedback, refines the product to add in-class characteristics and make a teacher product. Students will possess the opportunity to explore how an early SaaS start-up in the educational technology space can approach early product development, pilot in classrooms, and link with distinct stakeholders."

PUBLICATION DATE: January 15, 2015 PRODUCT #: 315052-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Zeal: Launching Personalized and Social Learning

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