Zaky Consulting Inc: CleanSpritz Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Zaky Consulting Inc: CleanSpritz Case Solution

Problem Definition

 The company’s current product lines are diluted spray as well as 3:1 concentrated version of all-purpose cleaner which together are not creating the required return for the company rather their revenues are declining due to the economic recession as well as consumers’ focus on the green products because these products are creating typical environmental issues even for their children. In order to rejuvenate the brand, the company is proposing 4:1 concentrate design to refill spray bottle which are packed in either a lightweight pouch or a dissolvable packet. With the help of the qualitative as well as quantitative analysis, some recommendations can be made.

With respect to the 4Ps of marketing, the current products are required to be revised which can help the company in bringing up with the new features in the product that considers the environmental issues as faced by the customers.Moreover, the customers must also be provided with the cost efficient product in order to help the prevailing economic recession in the country. The company is also required with the heavy promotion for its proposed product that could bring awareness for its benefits. Together it can help take the company to achieve its mission and vision for growth.


 The situation can better be analyzed by keeping the consumers, competitors, collaborators, company as well as context in mind. Moreover, internal as well as external analysis would help the decision makers to come up with some conclusion.

By looking at the market potential for the products, it can be seen that the company if played efficiently by providing the products in a way that are required, it could havegained significantly in the long run. The current products of the company are creating severe threats for the customers therefore its sales are showing a declining trend.

The proposed product that is the 4:1 concentrated design to refill existing spray bottle with the help of lightweight pouch as well as through the dissolvable packet can help the customers because it not only considers the environmental concerns but also provided in the cheaper cost. Moreover, for the company it would significantly help in cutting the operating cost as well as providing the competitive edge in the industry as currently no one has initiated such a product.


By considering the proposed product in order to solve the problem, the internal as well as external analysis of the company is performed using the SWOT analysis.

SWOT Matrix

Helpful Harmful
Internal origin Strengths:

·         The proposed product can help in cutting the cost related to packaging and delivery

·         The benefits can help the easy adoption by the consumers.

·         Not much storage required in the proposed product.

·         As compared with the current products, it can easily be shipped without creating much pollution from freight.

·         It can be shipped by using the existing shipping containers.


·      Due to its Wobbly nature of packaging, more leakage occurs as compared to existing products.

·      The proposed product cannibalizes the existing products of the company.

·      33% additional startup cost required for new products.

·      The packaging is done by 3rd party which is also the weakness for the company.

External origin Opportunities:

·         There is a much potential in the market for the cleaning products which is forecasted to continue in future.

·         The proposed products contribute in reducing the carbon footprint as well as green house effect.

·         By 2014, 99% biodegradable version is expected from the company.


·         If the government norms changes with relates to the content of packaging.

·         Competitors with cheaper products.

·         Recession can further decline the sales in future.

·         Changes in the preference of the consumers.


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