Your Home is a Good Place, Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Your Home is a Great Area, Inc. was an unique company. Your House is a Great Location, Inc. (YHGP) needed to understand more about the demand in the region and to determine how to attract both suppliers of services and customers as well as promote the company and develop a brand identity. The owner has determined to hire a mentor to: 1) identify target market demographics in Michiana developed from the census data provide 2) provide a basic description of prospective opponents for YHGP 3) develop a marketing plan focused on bringing in customers together with contractors and facilitators as associates. Discussion of establishing a brand identity for a brand new company will be a consideration here.

Your Home is a Good Place, Inc. Case Solution

This case will fit with upper level marketing strategy or entrepreneurship classes, a direction capstone course or inside an MBA-level marketing class. The targets for this case are for the pupils to learn SWOT analysis, to implement the data to complete a marketing plan, and to counsel a difficult client. Although the activities can be completed by individuals it's best suited for team uses. Furthermore, students should consider the implications of, and how to deal with, a customer who is in need of guidance but is reluctant to accept notions that are not his own.

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This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Your Home is a Good Place, Inc.

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