Home Depot Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question: 1- How data connection can become a problem, if inadequate precautions are taken?

Home Depot is a retail store that recently faced the data breach in its functions, driving away the credentials of manyof its customers, making a huge loss in the stock market.The breach occurred due to the complacent situation of the management in maintaining the data protection techniques throughout the retail store. Though the companyemployed the software to manage and secure the data of the customers, yetit missed to enable “Network threat Protection”.Since the feature notifies the Intrusion into the hostsystem, the disability of the feature enabled the cyber-criminal to enter the corporate account by entering through the user interface through staling the credentials of the users.Since the company employed SEP Software to protectthe data, the inability to gauge theeffect of not enabling the intrusion attack, made the cybercriminalenter the database andextract the useful data of the customers.

In addition, Home depot also lacked to enable Point-to-point encryption (p2p)which enables the message to be decrypted from only one point to another, without the breach in  path.However, the technology requires high compact hardware to support the software, which the systems in the Home depot lacked, making the intruders enterthe system through different means by breaking the firewalls.
Home Depot Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Also, the retail stores used the window XP operating system, which is highly vulnerable to external attack. Since the management failed to understand the importance of secured operating system, it lead to the data leak through POS registers, hence making it easier for the attacker to intrudeinto the systems with weak firewall securities.

Lastly, the Home depot failed to establish the vulnerability management program that enables any organization to mitigate the risk of breach by analyzing the loopholes in the external and internal environment of the system. The monthly scans allows the companies to stand back and stay alert to the external breach threats. These inadequate precautions encourages the cyber-criminalsto break through the security firewall of the Home depot, putting the customer data and business credibility on stake......................

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