Lasik Vision Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lasik Vision Corporation Case Study Solution

  1. Is it an appropriate approach in this industry? What repercussions, actual or perceived, might occur with this priority?

Well, according to the market trends and analysis, reducing the price of the process is an effective approach to maintain the cost of operations that may allow the organization to penetrate in different market and attract more costly through value creation.

In addition, offering quality services at the reduced cist would allow the organization in maintain a value proposition thus sustainability of the competitive edge in the market. Moreover, the persuasion of the market penetration strategy by opening new stores in the dense areas to attract, more customer footfall, is also an appropriate approach, since it allow the organization in maintaining the viable position in the market leading to better maintenance of customer loyalty, brand equity and brand recall.

Perhaps, such approach also has certain repercussions. Since the company eliminate the use of latest technology and machinery along with the increased workload on the limited number of employees, it may results in following:

  1. The elimination of the employees and increasing the workload on the given employees may results in poor quality and performance, leading to poor patient care. Such may be devastating for the organization, since it may deteriorate the brand image in the mind of the customer, leading to low adoption.
  2. In addition to this, the resistance to adopt the latest technology and machinery may act as the loophole in the organizational strategy, since it may lead to non-sustainable revenues in the long term.It is due to the fact, that other competitors may adopt the latest technology that may attract the customers in terms of receiving the advanced patient care, thus reducing the attractiveness of the Lasik Model in the market.
  3. Though the Adoption of non-technological model may reduce the cost of the operations and surgeries, however, it is eminent, that such may also result in the increase in default surgeries or the non-maintenance of the quality standards, leading to serve lawsuits and failed surgeries (Kurey, 2014).
  4. Given that a company has chosen this priority, what would it have to do to achieve success?

In order to achieve the success, the organization needs to maintain the efficiency of the performance of the patient care staff and the overall operations. In doing so, it has to maintain the balance between the performance and cost of the operations.

Such is due to the fact, that offering the value for many will allow the company to continually increase the customer footfall, leading to better penetration in market and hence increased revenues. In addition, it is also recommended, that the organization should develop the technological base. In doing so it should invest in implanting the diagnosis machines. Such will incarses the efficiency of the work and will also improve the result, leading to better patient care and hence customer satisfaction (Arthur A. Thompson, 2000).

Moreover, it will eliminate the chances of lawsuits that might occur due to poor performance of the patient care and non-alliance with the patient care codes, leading to the suspension of the license and negative reputation............


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