WORK PLACE BULLYING Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bullying refers to a wide range of behaviours.

In an organisation, where a number of employees of diversified contextual background work together, professional rivalry exists. Employees try to lean ahead by back biting, leg pulling and bullying the other employees. This destroys the overall professional environment of the organisation and reduces the overall motivational level of the employees as well as creates frustration among employees. Generally, the employees of upper level scold and abuse the employees of the lower level on any inconsistency with respect to their performance. In addition to this, employees of upper level also put mental pressures and huge workload on their juniors which is also referred to as bullying. This creates mental illness and low morale in the employees being bullied, regardless of whether they label themselves as bullied or not, which further decreases their overall efficiency of the performance and creates a hostile environment in the work place.

Furthermore,the results of the survey indicate that most of the bullying is done by verbal attacks, whereas, physical attacks are rarely reported. In addition to this, bullying is of persistent nature .i.e. employees are not just bullied for a single time, but the employees of the upper level bully their juniors over a prolonged period of time.

Predatory bullying is normally made to grab the attention of the people, as well as this is also made for personal prejudices, such as sex discrimination, racialism, social class differences, etc. Dispute bullying is the most common type of bullying where each party annoys each other by provoking drastic measures against each other. Thus, this results in intense unfavourable circumstances............

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