Will social media kill branding? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The conventional branding paradigm involve substantial upfront investment and tightly managing the image via managed communications in hopes of creating dominant brands that could be leveraged to cultivate loyalty and a long-term, steady stream of gains. However, social media can dramatically change consumers' behavior as well as their brand preferences. This rapidly evolving landscape has made managers at a loss, and what they're experiencing is probably the start of a tectonic shift in how brands are handled.

In this specific article, we take a close look at the building blocks of branding and also examine the heart of social media. After careful evaluation of the two, we discuss the likely impact social media will have on the practice of brand management. We conclude that it will expand beyond the narrow bounds of using social media and the technique through which markets are targeted, as a message platform and products are delivered.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

Will social media kill branding Case Solution

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Will social media kill branding?

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