Wild Oats: Sowing vs. Reaping Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case highlights Mike Gilliland, who built one organic food shops in 1987 in Boulder, Colorado, in wild markets Oats, a chain of natural resources products that by 2001 annual sales of $ 1 billion and stores in 38 states. In the case of the natural history of business products and explores why timing Gilliland was so favorable. By 1980, when Gilliland started, natural foods business grew and matured, consisting mainly of small specialty stores selling natural products grown. Although the industry was established in California to combat culturists, it was built in the national phenomenon of the second generation of leaders, including Gilliland and Whole Foods founder John Mackey. Gas industry products were clubs and supportive while Gilliland sought to grow its business outside of Boulder, Colorado, extending in four states, including California. McKay said, moving to Boulder. Whole Foods became the number one country of natural seller of products in the early 1990s. Whole Foods went public in 1992, and Wild Oats in 1996. The success of Whole Foods started to undermine the market share of Wild Oats website, it hurts sales, and click on the share price. Gilliland performs with Wild Oats in a new direction, modeled Marketplace Henry's chain of San Diego, which acquired Wild Oats in 2000. Henry's approach was to offer a range of products that appeal to a wider range of people than the natural food stores. Henry competed effectively Whole Foods, because it was a different customer base, stores were cheaper to build, if a company wants to expand, and the company has shown steady growth since its inception in 1943. But Wild Oats board of directors agreed, opting instead continuing on the same path. The Council also expressed interest in replacing Gilliland. Now he has to weigh the possibilities and contemplate leaving the company he nurtured for the past twenty years. "Hide
by Lloyd Shefsky, Bob Barnett, Scott T. Whitaker Source: Kellogg School Management 7 pages. Publication Date: Mar 08, 2010. Prod. #: KEL466-PDF-ENG

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