NetApp: The Day-to-Day of a District Manager Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Located in mid-2002, this case illustrates the "Day in the Life" district sales manager of Silicon Valley as a technology market face a crisis. The case allows the polarized class discussion about trade-offs, the new head of the region can do in relation to the hiring / firing and quotas, after inheriting a mixed talent in inefficient area. It also seeks to provide additional texture on the types of tasks and activities that she has been a person (other than those faced by a sales representative.) The case allows students to participate in discussions on the four key dilemmas faced by the District Manager: (a) what members must maintain in its area, and that he has to shoot, (b) How should an agreement on quotas / goals with your boss? (Regional Manager) and his representatives?, (C) Should it trained staff member who will likely not meet the company's growth objectives, or to replace it in the hope of employment for a better performer?, And (d) What should Jim do employee who appears to insist in putting the client's interests to the company? "Hide
by Mark Leslie, James Lattin, Patrick Arippol Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 24 pages. Publication Date: August 6, 2007. Prod. #: E263-PDF-ENG

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NetApp: The Day-to-Day of a District Manager

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