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Book Review

The book “Start with why how great leaders inspire everyone to take action” is a basic theme which discusses naturally occurring patterns, acting and communication, a method or the way of thinking which has been giving the leaders the opportunity and the ability to actually inspire people that are a part of their lives.

Natural or the born leaders are a concept which inspires people, but it is a fact that it not something which others cannot bring into their personalities. Leaders can be within the organization and sometimes they can be from the outside world also which can be the right people who can actually convince in developing a vision.

The basic theme or the central idea of the book “start with why how great leaders inspire everyone to take action” is not only to rather fix the things that are not working, in fact the reason this book has been written to focus and guide the things than do work in reality. Along with this, as the writer states, the book is based on the confirm evidences which are perfectly balanced.

Similarly, the book even explains and provides the insight into the fact, where leaders and inspirational personalities like Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Wright Brothers, along with this, the organizational leaders from successful organizations such as the Apple Inc. and the Southwest Airlines have actually influenced the method of the way people live. They have made the scope of people, broaden and have made themselves the benchmark for others.

The writer also indicates and explains the fact that all leaders had one thing in common and that was “Why?” If the leader possesses the quality of being a person who thinks beyond his vision and beyond his reach tends to reach the top. It is a fact that the leaders have vision, they communicate their vision to others, they strive for it, and they actually follow the method of actually making their vision a reality.

As the book states, the writer indicates that there are those who lead and there are those who are the leaders. It is a fact, that leaders do hold a position of power or influence within a place or a society. Leaders are those who think beyond themselves, they look for the betterment of others rather than themselves. Leaders who inspire others are the true leaders.

Whether organizations or whether individuals, we as common people follow those people who lead not because we actually have to follow them but because they deserve to lead us. The basic objective and the crust of the book are for those who actually look to inspire others and also for those who rather want to find someone to inspire them also.

Along with this, the book basically looks to analyze the leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. who have been successful leaders and have inspired people to follow them. Similarly, the book looks to discuss leaders from successful companies such as the Southwest and Apple where the leaders of the respective organizations have been the benchmark and the driving force for the employees and the organization also.

The book looks to educate and communicate while observing the human motivation while  the book and the author also explains the concept of human dynamics, the decision making process and also the concept of the brand building loyalty. The author Simon Sinek also explains that his theory is not just committed and focused for individuals; in fact it can be applied to organizations also.

Start with why how great leaders inspire everyone to take action Case Solution

Sinek’s “Why” Principle

The concept of “Why” is the central theme. As per the book, all great leaders inspire people to act by actually providing them the sense of purpose and belonging which leads to the call of action. The author has explained the three stages of the framework which has been named as The Golden Circle, which is the method to build great organizations.

The concept of this theme or the framework revolves around three basic levels, where the writer explains the fact how we do what we do and lastly when we do. The major problem which the writer has pointed out in the book is that he suggests and states the fact, that most organizations do not really know the reason for their existence...............................

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