Why Is My Sales Force Automation System Failing? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Sales force automation (SFA) is the exercise of applications to automate sales tasks, including sales activities, order processing, customer management, sales forecasting and evaluation, sales force management, and information sharing. A SFA system is frequently part of an enterprise-wide information system that integrates and connects sales activities with the other operations of the organization. So, SFA software is not just a tool critical to the success of the sales force of today's, but is also vital to the whole organization. SFA has the possibility to empower businesses to join the sales force with the rest of the organization, to automate and standardize sales actions, and to more efficiently manage their sales force and sales processes.

Why Is My Sales Force Automation System Failing Case Study Solution

The value of these possible advantages in terms of lower prices or increased sales has supported companies to embrace SFA. However, SFA systems often do not deliver benefits that are anticipated, once adopted. Given these circumstances, supervisors who are conscious of the major issues surrounding user acceptance of SFA will be more successful in implementing such systems. This article investigates the gains derived from these systems, the utilization of SFA, and user acceptance problems. We offer suggestions which will help organizations succeed in embracing SFA systems.


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Why Is My Sales Force Automation System Failing?

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