WHOLE FOODS MARKET Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Answer 1

Natural Foods

It means that all foods which is synthesized from the natural organic components like rice, wheat, sugar and many more. It improves the healthy nutrition of the person. ‘Natural food’ can be defined and understood in many ways. However, it is a food that does not contain any artificial element and used to improve natural taste. Examples are meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs and weeds.

Basics of Business Nature

Natural foods deals in a products that are closely related to the basic human needs, quality, preservation and expertise makes it one of the most leading food industry in the world.

The business approaches to provide and improve good health across the global community by fairly complying the instinctive enterprise norms, cultures, ethics and the quality standards. The company owns a great deal of harmony in all of their management, financial, legal, marketing and distribution functions which enables it to establish a better portfolio in the market to serve the needs of the market efficiently and effectively.That defines, Natural foods have a remarkable market position worldwide.


There are many opportunities for distributors, producers and retailers with respect to natural foods that will improve the supply chain benefits. Likewise, every business product has some opportunity to its wholesalers or ultimate user that is on profit margin or easy to serve. These things will attract the customer toward the product. Natural foods has become the only choice for its consumers because of the following characteristics:

  • Provides Home delivery
  • Provides more refined Fresh Foods
  • provides an online portel
  • Made an additional changes to fresh product with some additive.

These are some opportunities with respect to new changes in the market environment and their competence under many competitors like Wild oats, Kroger, Wegman and Walt-Mart.

Answer 2

Organizational Strategy

Whole Foods has the largest natural food chain stores among the United States, which showing the better revenue and profitability. The strategy of the whole foods has provided natural and organic foods under perfect nutrition, health effects with the help of chain stores, super markets and distributor. The Founder of the organization has not a business school person, nor does he have any qualification in the trading side. He starts the business with the aimof understanding the needs of the human being. The CEO John Mackeyapplies its strategy with a statement of “truth, affection and splendor”. This effect is moving the organization to the highest level of the sky. In simpler words, Enterprise having their mission that whole foods cover whole people, which consist of the basic needs of their health benefits

Competing in the Market

The corporation has adapted the changes in a dynamic environment due to a solid technology enhancement. These changes are made by the CEO as frequently as its market response.At the initial stage it opened Safer Way with area 3000 square foot for family stories. Furthermore, itmoves original store name as Whole Foods, which actually cover the area 10,000 square feet with its new dimension of product like cornflakes, chocolate, fresh meat and ice-cream protection place. Afterward, itsEnterprise move to initial public offering, which provide it more financing to expand business on different geographical location of the United States. On the other hand employee of the company is more beneficial and always in the success of the organization.

Answer 3

Challenges faced in 2006

On the basis of information about 2005, whole food has some challenges with respect to competition and the market movements. In the competition level, the company is having the problem of the price strategies which competitors are offering better than whole foods. The competitor’s major concernof the customer gained attention by having lower margins of the fresh product and giving more benefits in term of facilities to the ultimate users. Second challenges were market changes with respect to new technologies are emerging day by day. If the corporation does not improve their technological aspects then it will lose market share in the Industry, so it has takenmeasures to enhance in this areas aspects. Now the External and internal analysis showing the results of the company.

External Analysis

The external Analysis is done with opportunity aspects of the market and threats to the environment. These matters are discussed in their heading which is given below


It shows theachievement of the organization since their start up because of the natural foods which all of the people are interacting with its used

The customer relationship is the key to success in any organization. A customer satisfaction leads enhancing sales revenue resultant in accommodation of higher profits. On the other hand it also moves towards Geographical ends where it expands its business criteria of mission to earn maximum profits.


Competition is increasing...................

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